Schools- Performance





                       List the activities and performance of health units, schools





               Activity \ performance                                                                                                1387                       1388




Preliminary examination of first-grade students cover three period of study                            89/3%                  100%


Medical examination covering the first three periods of study student                                      95/2                   98/5%


First grade student completing secondary vaccination                                                                     98/2%                 100%


Permethrin shampoo distributed among students with pediculosis                                                  6110glass         4785glass


Health examinations and medical examinations for issuing cards servants schools                          1016people    1052people


Holding training sessions for students                                                                                       13347sessions 13874sessions


Holding training sessions for parent                                                                                          2205sessions    2082sessions


Holding training session for school staff                                                                                    3866sessions    4416sessions


Medical screening examinations and health certificates for this group of freshmen and students     470students   260students


Reproduction and distribution of educational publications in the target groups                              13000copies 149952copies


Health assessment project recruits entering school                                                                       23000learner 23684learner


Identify and track the incidence of head lice in schoolchildren                                                               0/1%           0/2%


Identify and track visually impaired students                                                                                          3/9%           4/9%


Identification and tracking of hearing impaired students                                                                          0/3%           0/1%


Identify and track the behavior disorder students                                                                                   0/5%            0/1%


Identification and prevention of dental caries in schoolchildren                                                                 34/2%        27/3%


Purchased and distributed eyeglass frames among poor students lacking financial                                     422             441


Free business students in the health centers                                                                                  5148students 46601students


Identification and tracking of students requiring special care                                                             130case        28case


Staff training courses                                                                                                                       3courses    3 courses 


Bought the vision chart, height gauges, pressure gauge pediatric, portable scales,                        valued   at RLS 20000000

and other requirements for providing services to students and schools