Familiar with the Health Education Unit




Health Education has starting work as one of the Ministry of Health more than 50 years before.

Health Education has been as an active supporter of the fight against such as smallpox, malaria and cholera during decades 1330 to 1350.also in the same time, it has been implemented to equip audiovisual equipment as important educational strategy.

1373 years after "approach to health education as a solution to the problem" is used in the comprehensive plan of action.

Health education determined their role with review and analysis of problem situation then they show their role with clear objective and strategies and the activities associated with the proposed schedule of activities.

Approach "as health care" training can be used as an approach to disease prevention and health promotion.

In this approach should also plan to establish the correct habits and health behaviors in different population groups, particularly children and young people by using the principles of health promotion.

Generally, the health unit is now operational and detailed planning of the comprehensive training plan in line with their role in each of the health problems.


Mission and Goals


Department of Health is active under the Health Education Unit. This unit is essential to empower the community to identify factors affecting patterns in the field of personal and social health and reduce illnesses and deaths in healthy lifestyles and create a happy life by using the capabilities of existing facilities.

We believe, human resources are the most valuable source of organization and knowledge and skill is a priority. And they are provided the field to attract their participation in making decision and planning by empowerment of staff and respectfully.

We continually strive to develop effective participation of all sectors (offices, agencies and related organizations) in order to design, implement and evaluate health programs and to establish proper communication within and outside the unit. We move in line macro policies and strategies of ministry.




  • Assessment of training needs for health education
  • Planning effective health education programs
  • Management, health education programs
  • Health education programs
  • Coordination within and outside the part of health education programs
  • Empowering staff and target groups of health education programs
  • Evaluation of health programs and education interventions the Department of Health
  • Training courses and topic specialized training in health education
  • Training programs for health needs assessment survey target groups
  • Assessment and evaluation committee composed of the media
  • Creating and updating the database and archive media
  • Prepare and submit performance reports to superiors
  • Licensing and approval certificate issued workshops
  • The scientific committee on health education
  • Monitoring, supervision, monitoring and evaluation activities and health education interventions in cities.




Familiarity with the unit:


Head of unit:

Dr saaid samiai


Tel: 8317257798

Email address: mbo_as@kums.as.ir