Department of health


Drug Unit



Introduction of drug unit



This unit has 4 staff since 1370, and now a pharmacist, a physician, an expert, and a storekeeper are working in it.

Medical unit is responsible for purchase and distribution of Health houses pharmaceutical products and supplements for mothers and children by end of 1375.

The Department of food and drug had conducted buying drugs of Heath houses and supplement to mother and child from 1376 to 1386.these drugs can be purchased as a decentralized by cities from 1376 to 1386.

Ministry delivers milk powder, medicines for tuberculosis (TB), and leprosy to the province.

Contraceptive drug was prepared and distributed by the Ministry from1370 to 1381, and from 1381 until now, drug unit can be purchased them.





·         Items related to drug supply and distribution requirements of groups and Deputy of Health units

·         Supply and distribution of related equipment required to county health network subsidiary

·         Supervision and monitoring of pharmaceutical services at health level of province

·         Improve standards of medical care in drug stores and pharmacies of health center in provinces and cities

·         Coordination of within and outside the unit

·         Provincial committee (drug purchase committee and the logical prescribing drugs)

·         Raising awareness of drug unit cities personnel (through workshops and updating the drug unit in the health unit)

·         Applied research and intervention drug to improve health services



The annual performance




  • Determination and estimation of drug needs in coordination with the health Department within the unit
  • Drug procurement and distribution of cities according to actual needs (with respect to the largest group, seasonal and regional diseases, population coverage, consumer trends, inventory, and …..)
  • Necessary to monitor and track the distribution and storage of drugs in different networks (standard)
  • Performance monitoring drug activities in the headquarters cities, health houses, health centers, and subsidiary health and provide necessary feedback to correct it
  • Review process and the movement of drugs consumed pharmaceutics expiration date in order to avoid their use
  • Supervising the implementation of the relevant Regulations and Circulars
  • Drug unit personnel training and retraining cities
  • The latest guidelines on drug rural insurance
  • Planning and monitoring of how the cost of drug funds according to priorities
  • Monitor the accuracy of price tariffs notified in accordance with the latest versions of all cities monitored
  • Cooperating with cities in order to optimize prescription drug review committees in health care (committee on rational drug prescribing factors)
  • Conduct applied research to improve logistics and distribution systems and principle of drug use
  • Adjustment programs and measures taken and to provide report to the president of the health center
  • Collection activities of the seasonal and annual
  • Perform other related matter under the relevant head